Health Care Servics


Service charges for OP medical procedures. (Since February 2022)

Duration of AYUSH medical procedures Service charges for AYUSH medical procedure
10-12 minutes 100=00
25-30 minutes 250=00
45-50 minutes 450=00
60 minutes 500=00

Procedures Available:

100=00 250=00 450=00 50=00
Yearly OP registration Home visit charge Abhyanga massage therapy Blood sugar test
Routine OP Consultation Local massage therapy Dhara chikitsa Oushadha kalpa/svaras/ Kashaya paana preparation
Information counseling Enema Vamana OP for Injection from outside
Local steam therapy Full-body steam therapy Virechana Minor First aid care
Minor bandage Anuvasana Basti Kashaya basti
Lepana Nasya Takradhara/Ksheeradhara
Stanika parisheka Catheterization Taila dhara/Kashaya dhara
Shirolepa RT Feeding tube insertion Herbal powder massage
Jalaneti/Sutraneti Bladder wash Patra panda sveda 20=00
IV injection service charges Kashaya Basti preparation Churna pinda sveda OP for BP checkup.
Nebulization Charges. Shastikashali preparation Shastikashali pindasveda OP for only Medicine purchase.
herbal Steam Inhalation Minor OT Preparation charge Kati basti/greeva basti/jaanubasti
Any stanika basti.
Wound care (small size) Wound care (medium size) Wound care (Large size)
Exercise & physical therapy (basic) Physiotherapy & exercise (moderate) Physiotherapy and exercise (Intensive care)
Any simple (10-15 min) AYUSH integrative care services. Any 20-30 min long AYUSH integrative care services. Any 40-50 min long AYUSH integrative care services
Any On –request service charges (ex: blood test, material/ medicine supply from honavar for individual patient). IP registration charges Specialist visiting charge (Depending on availability)

In-patient care expenses details: (in 2022)

  • One-time new inpatient registration charges 450=00 total.
  • Charges for in-patient care 910=00 /day.

*{pharmacy charges (medicine/ material purchase -if any) & service charges for any additional health care procedures (if any) are extra depending on individual requirement}.

General Semi special Special Room No 1,2,3,4 Day care Patient with special needs & Night frequent calls
Bed charge 250=00 450=00 650=00 300=00 450=00
Nursing care 250=00 250=00 250=00 125=00 450=00
Hospital professional 250=00 250=00 250=00 125=00 450=00
Food 160=00 160=00 160=00 50=00 160=00
Total 910=00 1110=00 1310=00 600=00 1510=00

(Medicine cost/material cost/ service charges for any health care procedures are extra depending on individual requirement).


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