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The Snehakunja Trust is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to facilitating, promoting, and executing holistic health, rural development, environmental advocacy and conservation of coastal and Western Ghat diversity. The Snehakunja Trust was established by visionary philanthropist and a surgeon Dr. Kusuma Sorab (1937-98) as a charitable trust to provide quality community health services at affordable cost. Under her eminent leadership the Vivekananda Arogyadhama was built to serve the health care needs of the community. While our historical roots (established in 1976) were founded in the field of ayurvedic health, we recognize that conservation of livelihoods require an integrated approach and linkages with markets, credit and natural resources.

Our Services
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Our Vision

Enabling local people for better health and livelihood security through nature conservation in the tropical forests.

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Our Mission

Sustainable rural development, protecting the local biodiversity, improved management of natural resources in tropical forests, securing rural health and inclusive business.

Main objectives are

  1. To provide holistic health services for local communities and destitute people at reasonable cost and also provide voluntary health services.
  2. To provide and to promote preventive and curative health care through health awareness programs, animation trainings and researches. In that behalf to takeover, commence, maintain and to run Dispensaries, Hospitals, Health-centers, Mobile clinics, Rural and Community Health Development programs and also to promote alternate systems of medicine such as Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Siddha, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Yoga and other systems.
  3. To conserve coastal/marine, wetlands, and forest ecosystem services by promoting Enterprises that is compatible with sustainable uses of nat¬ural resources.
  4. To support the welfare of communities dependent upon agriculture, fishing and forest activities in the region and nationally.
  5. To engage in conservation-oriented research, extension and consultancy services with local communities, integrating local traditional knowledge and scientific approaches.
  6. To promote, establish, improve, administer, own and run organization for processing, value addition, preservation and manufacture from agricultural and allied sectors for the purpose of increasing quality, access and benefit sharing.
  7. To establish and maintain interactions and collaborations with the state and other non- Governmental organizations working in similar field for providing social welfare and environmental advocacy services
  8. To do all such and other things, deeds, incidental or conducive to attain the above objectives or any of them.

About Snehakunja Trust

Dream Of Dr.Kusuma Sorab

Snehakunja is managed by a group of Trustees who are actively involved in social service, rural development, ayurvedic medicine and ecological biodiversity of the region. Snehakunja is known for its transparency and working closely with the community in setting up of the self-help groups and micro enterprises. Snehakunja has promoted a network of 400 self-help groups spread over in Honnavar, Kumta and Bhatkal taluks. At present Snehakunja has a well-equipped 20 bed-hospital at Kasarkod with two ayurvedic doctors practicing Ayurveda and Panchakarma line of treatment. Vivekanada Aarogya Dhama (Ayurvedic hospital), provides general health services and also treatments for a few critical illnesses. The patients from lower income groups are offered free consultation and concessional medicines. We also conduct free medical checkup and dispense medicines to poor patients once a week. Medical camps are conducted in villages for the benefit of rural poor. For detailed information please refer to our website.

The Trust owns a medicinal and horticultural farm of 11 acres at Kavalagere village around 15 km from Honnavar, which is being used for the production of raw materials for the preparation of ayurvedic medicines and horticulture crops. The farm is also being used for the demonstration of organic farming and farm extension services. Snehakunja health care services include Vivekananda wellness centre and Vivekananda home for elderly care. In the current life situation, Due to increased migration of younger population to urban areas, the family support to elderly has been deteriorating and there is an urgent need to provide the medical services to elderly people. The Vivekananda Arogyadhama has opened an assisted living facility to older people. The nursing care services given here will include attending to their day-to-day personal chores such as bathing and personal hygiene, physical exercises/walking, nutrition, recreational activities and above all attending to their specific health problems. The Arogyadhama will also provide yoga based spiritual and aesthetic guidance to the admitted people to lead a betterment in quality of life.

Snehakunja is located just beside the N H-66 on the bank of river sharavathi dotted by honnavara town on the other side. The nearest airports are Goa and Mangalore 200km either way. It is also well connected with konkana railway, Honnavar being the nearest railway station.

It is situated in such a unique geographical area which includes:
*Serene blue flag & Eco beach within 200 meters.
*Sharavathy estuary within 200 meters.
*apsarakonda hilltop within 500meters.
* Green environment of nearly 5 acres gated campus.

Snehakunja is registered in the following:
1. The Snehakunja Trust (1976) always tries to be more transparent and improve its trustworthiness, credibility and to seek state and foreign grants., Snehakunja has registered as an NGO registered under Bombay Charitable Trust Act 1950 with the Reg No - E-237 (KWR)
2. Snehakunja has registered to secure support under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Reg No. – CSR00006998
3. Snehakunja is eligible to receive foreign donations/grants per the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). Reg No. – 094600023
4. All donations to Snehakunja from Indians are eligible for tax exemptions as per Sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act. Reg No. – S-110/80G(R)/CIT\MNG\2007.08
5. Snehakunja is Registered under Goods and Service Tax Act to avail GST which enables its suppliers and clients to claim reimbursement and other benefits. Reg No – AABTS6477L2ZN
6. Snehakunja is one of the organizations registered in NGO Darpan of Niti Aayog Government of India. Unique ID: KA/2018/0215716.
7. The Snehakunja su-motto ensures that it always answers any written quarries under RTI

Public Information Officer:
Admin/Finance Officer
Snehakunja Trust
Tonka, Kasarkod
Honnavar – 581342
Email ID:
Ph: +91 – 8217357242

Appellate Authority
Snehakunja Trust
Tonka, Kasarkod
Honnavar – 581342
Ph: +91 - 9449359588


  • Snehakunja Kasarkod, Honnavar – 581342 Uttara Kannada, Karnataka
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    Contact Details:
    Office & Administration: 8217357242
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