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Snehakunja is well designed to bring you the manifold benefits of the Panchakarma, the most classical part of the Indian Ayurvedic therapy, using diet, herbs and physical conditioning. The Panchakarma expels the toxins which have accumulated in the body mainly due to the many facets of modern lifestyles dragging the helpless victims to bad health and mental fag. Panchakarma is a synthesis of the benefits of Ayurveda taken from the classical compositions of the Sages Charaka, Sushrutaand Vaghbhata. While it brings back the joys of fresh life to the sufferers; Panchakarma is a blessing to those, young and old, to keep away diseases by undergoing the treatment and lead a happier life.


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  • Abhyanga

    This is a pre-panchakarma therapy in which a medicated oil is used for massage and also as a relaxing therapy.

  • Swedana

    This is done after Abhyanga. The procedure is carried out by making the patient to sit in a steam chamber (swedana chamber).

  • JanuBasti

    Jānu is knee Jt. same procedure as katibasti but the treatment area is Jānu/ Knee jt. indicated in Osteo arthritis

  • Basti

    This includes two types.
    NiruhaBasti (Decoction enema)
    AnuvasanaBasti (Oil enema)

  • Udwartana

    Another variant of Abhyanga is Udwartana. It is powder massage. It is used for weight reduction.

  • Virechana

    Virechana is indicated in various skin disorders like eczema, allergic rash, dermatitis, PCOD, Hypertension etc.


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